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June 2015

  • Orientation Programme  

    Orientation Programme for Classes XI and IX and X were held on two separate days to provide exhaustive information to the parents and answer their queries. The importance of maintaining attendance criteria , punctuality , discipline , time management , the various examinations , remedial and contact classes and CCE was explained minutely.





    Prize distribution ceremony (2014-2015) 

    Prize distribution ceremony (2014-2015) of the school was held on the 26th of June, 2015. After a short programme on music by the school boys, the prize distribution ceremony that followed was an elaborate affair with the deserving candidates being awarded medals, trophies and certificates. 


    Tablet Classes in BHS

    The teachers of Geography, Chemistry and Biology who would be teaching through tablets were given two days of training on 22nd and 23rd June, 2015. They were trained on the new software to be used-UNIO, how to plan lessons, upload study matter, and teach through tablets. They were also trained on how to keep tabs on, how to track the way students were absorbing the lessons and give assignments and evaluate them.


    The International Yoga Day

    The International Yoga Day observed worldwide on 21st June, 2015 was celebrated at Birla High School on 22nd of June, 2015 during morning assembly with a brief introduction on the importance of celebrating this day. Boys from classes VI to IX performed various asanas – Matsya Asana, Ushtrasana, Garudasana, Poornabhadrasana, Gomukhasana etc. This display was accompanied by a detailed commentary on the asanas and their benefits. 


    Inter House Debate

    The Inter School Debate, which occupies an important place in the school calendar was also held during the month.The competition was divided into two categories:

    Category A had students from Classes 9 and 10 debating on “Social Networking has dehumanised inter-personal relationship amongst Generation Y” - The best speaker from the category was Abhirup Manna of (Pratap House) and the Best House went to Pratap House represented by Abhirup Manna, Dhruv Poddar and Dhruv Shah.

    Category B had competitions from Classes 11 and 12 debating on “Being a team worker is more important than being creative” – The Best Speaker from this category was Soham Chakraborty of (Shivaji House) and the Best House went to Pratap House represented by Anubhav Bannerjee, Ritojeet Basu and Pranav Dhupia.


    Experiences at International Exchange Programmes

    The team of teachers visiting Kunming No. 8 High School comprised teachers from History, Science and Craft Departments. Teachers took classes VII to X teaching English, History, Chemistry and Art and Music. The lessons were accompanied with powerpoint presentation and the content was translated in Chinese by the interpreters.

    The U.K. Trip had two teachers and two students from Birla High School in the group of 8 that visited Cardinal Allen. The teachers observed and took classes and the students conducted the morning assemblies where they showed a power point presentation showcasing the geographical and cultural diversity of India. There were interactive sessions with their students where they had a lot of questions to ask about India. It was a wonder to watch the craft classes where children learnt sewing, designing woodcraft, pottery, electric and ceramic work according to their interest.



Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Ms. Mukta Nain

Birla High School aspires all students to succeed in their world. It offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, athletic progr...

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