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April 2015

  • Orientation Programme

    As a fitting prelude to the new session, an Orientation Programme was held for the parents of classes VI-VIII on the 6th of April, 2015. The Principal emphasized the need of regular studies as that would decide upon the quality of ‘Continuous’ assessment. Also the students coming from Class V would now be exposed to a greater number of subjects and hence could not be negligent in their attitude to work. Parents needed to check the school website regularly for circulars and notices. She spoke about the importance of Campus Care password, Tablet Technology in Class VII, the introduction of a Special educator to cater to the needs of special children. Above all she appealed to the parents not to realize their dreams through their children.

    The co-ordinators Ms. Renu Bubna (VII-VIII) and Ms. Sreemati Sen (VI) spoke exhaustively on the assessments and tests, importance of third language, attendance criteria, the cards issued in case of breach of discipline, the various activities held in school and days of celebration where students should be encouraged to participate.

    The counselor Mrs. Soumita Sinha advised the parents to give quality time as the students in this adolescent stage appear to need support because of uncertainties they face.



Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Ms. Mukta Nain

Birla High School aspires all students to succeed in their world. It offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, athletic progr...

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